The legend of UPPSPRETTA

Once upon a time there was a little puffin. His name was Uppspretta, since he was always bursting with energy. Living with his parents in a nice clean nest in Keflavik, Iceland, he was very anxious to discover the world and he wanted to know more about his own background and the country of Iceland.

The little puffin studied hard, read many books, and figured out that the island was geologically born around 20 million years ago out of volcanic activity. With regards to Icelandic settlement, he learned that a Norse chieftain became the first permanent settler on the island. And then Uppspretta knew for sure he had to go to Norway in order to find himself a nice future wife. His parents assured him that he should never fly above land because he would drop out of the sky if he did. But the little puffin was very curious and stubborn and as soon as he was ready to leave the nest he flew very far across the water and finally fell to earth as his parents had predicted. Looking around he saw strange buildings that we humans call windmills. Uppspretta did not land in Norway, but arrived instead in Holland.

The little puffin fell asleep and dreamt about people who could play music and would fly back with him to his homeland. These people looked like giant violins, trumpet plants and other instruments. He lay there waiting for a man to pick him up, but he didn’t know at all what a man would look like. He remembered that his parents had once told him that people could not fly and sing like birds do. Instead they made use of odd things like, for example, airplanes and musical instruments.

In the middle of his dream loomed a large ship that brought the little puffin back to the sea. The instruments took Uppspretta away and launched him above the water where his body transformed into an airplane. Geysers and volcanoes propelled him upwards so that he soared high in the sky. A choir of Instrument-people was singing to encourage him. Everyone could hear the music and everything was surrounded by joyful colors. Nature and people carried the little puffin back to Keflavik.

Back home he gave his life a new meaning. Uppspretta got married to a female puffin from Norway and became the leader of all puffins in Iceland. All over the county today everybody is still playing music as a tribute to him.

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Photo: Thomas Gansow